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Our 9-bedroom hotel is located in the heart of the Duèze Palace.

The Duèze Palace is a building built by the Duèze family, bourgeois of Cahors, at the beginning of the 19th century. The Duèze family is a family from Cahors, known in particular for having given a pope, John XXII, several cardinals and built this palace of which, seven centuries later, remains the very high tower classified as a historical monument since July 12 1886.

The tower is built on a regular rectangular plan of 6 m x 7 m, made of cut stone and brick. It has five floors and a vault of warheads on the ground floor. Its height exceeds 30 meters.

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St. Bartholomew

Our hotel is in close proximity to the monument.

The church first referred to the name Saint-Étienne. It must be part of the religious establishments mentioned in the will of St. Didier. It was at the beginning of the 19th century that the term St. Bartholomew gradually became established.

A section of wall, a 13th century datable, is the oldest part of the church. The church was in poor condition in 1320. Pope John XXII gives the impetus to rebuild it because it is the church in which he was baptized. Joan of Frezapa was allowed to build a chapel there in 1321. Pierre Duèze, in 1324, and his son Arnaud, in 1332, founded chapels there. This was not enough to complete the reconstruction of the church. Some of the vaults had to be built in the first half of the 15th century. The building was listed as a historical monument in 19331.

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